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Jesus Origins

Discovering the original Christianity

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Introducing “The Judas War”


TThe Judas War explores the apocalyptic foundations of Christianity. It shows how the crucifixion account goes back to the exile of Israel and Judah. And how “Judas Iscariot” represents an ancient betrayal in a forgotten war.

Three Miracles and the Thomas Code


Three miracles, all involving the creation of a prodigious amount of food or drink. Three mathematical plays on the Thomas Code. Start with Water into Wine to go through the whole series.

Water into Wine: the Thomas Code

The Feeding of the Five Thousand

The Catch of 153 Fish

The Mystery of Peter’s Cloak

The same material is available as a pdf paper.

Mysteries of the Crucifixion Gem

Deciphering the mysteries of the earliest known image of the crucifixion. And finding that the shaman Mary and the Thomas Code lie at its heart.

Why Mary, and not Jesus, is the Seed of David



What does Paul mean when he says that Christ has “come (or appeared) of the seed of David”? And why has someone eliminated a generation from the genealogy in Matthew? This post shows why it is Mary, and not Jesus, who is the “seed of David”.