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Jesus Origins

Discovering the original Christianity

Welcome to the website of author S.P. Laurie.

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This book will change the way you see both the New and the Old Testament.

More details and a publication date will be available shortly.

Three Miracles and the Thomas Code


Three miracles, all involving the creation of a prodigious amount of food or drink. Three mathematical plays on the Thomas Code. Start with Water into Wine to go through the whole series.

Water into Wine: the Thomas Code

The Feeding of the Five Thousand

The Catch of 153 Fish

The Mystery of Peter’s Cloak

The same material is available as a pdf paper.

Mary, the Seed of David



What does Paul mean when he says that Christ has “come (or appeared) of the seed of David”? And why has someone eliminated a generation from the genealogy in Matthew? This post shows why it is Mary, and not Jesus, who is the “seed of David”.